Saturday, August 13, 2011

NNS: 2011 Nationwide race at New Hampshire/ Kyle Busch makes history

The afternoon of July 16th, Kyle Busch: The 2004 Nationwide series rookie of the year, and the 2009 Nationwide series Champion, went into the NASCAR Nationwide series race at New Hampshire with two things in mind: Winning the race and also making history at a young age of 26 years old. Going into the nationwide race, Kyle had a chance of getting his 100th career NASCAR win in his 550th start in NASCAR's top three series. He also had a chance of tying Mark Martin for first place in career Nationwide Series victories with 49.
Brad Keselowski was on the pole for the Nationwide race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Kevin Harvick started second, Joey Logano third, Aric Almirola fourth and Kyle Busch started in the 5th position. During the Nationwide race there were 9 cautions, and tempers were really flaring! Lap 106:the 4th yellow flag came out, Jason Leffler spins hard into the outside retaining wall in the middle of the backstretch, and he was turned by Steve Wallace. It was a payback for contact coming off the fourth turn the lap before. Lap 190: the 8th yellow flag came out, Trevor Bayne, Joey Logano, Reed Sorenson, and Jeremy Clements are involved in a wreck off turn four. The accident is triggered when Steve Wallace gets into the back of Logano, hmm- looks like Steve Wallace has a problem with getting into the back of people and turning them. Finally the 9th and final caution came out at lap196: Andrew Ranger, Aric Almirola, Joey Logano, Mike Wallace, Steve Wallace and Brian Scott tangle. Steve Wallace did not make a lot of friends during the race, and all the drivers that were involved in the cautions, were not in the best mood after the race. But that didn’t stop Kyle Busch, he raced down the back straight away for the final time in the lead, came around turn 4 and crossed the finish line the winner of the New England 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and made history with his 100th career NASCAR win and his 49th career nationwide win! Well, certainly mine’s a little bit different,” said Busch, It certainly feels good. It means a lot,” said Busch after the nationwide race, who joins Richard Petty (200) and David Pearson (105) at the century mark. “It’s a great opportunity to race in this series and to win that many, and now to do it is pretty neat” said Busch. Everybody forgets, he's 26 years old," Mark Martin said''.
Kyle Busch is one of the most talented drivers NASCAR has seen in along time, and he is a threat to win every time he enters a race. Kyle Busch dominates almost every Nationwide Series race he enters. He became the first driver in nationwide series history to lead more than 10,000 laps! Kyle also made history, as the only driver to win all three of NASCAR’s top three touring series in the same weekend (Bristol). Some race fans ask, should Kyle’s NASCAR wins really be combined? Richard Petty’s 200 wins and David Persons 105 wins came out of just the sprint cup series, and Kyle Busch has 22 in Cup, 49 in Nationwide and 29 in the Truck Series. Many say no—that Busch has won the majority of his races in the “minor leagues” of NASCAR racing, and he does not compare to Petty or David Pearson. Some people think that back in the day when petty and Pearson were in NASCAR, the racing was not as competitive as it is today. I recently had a privilege of speaking with some NASCAR fans via email to get there opinions on how they felt about Kyle Busch making history with his 100th career NASCAR win. Mark. H : I'd have a hard time comparing Kyle Busch to Richard Petty. The 100 wins are different. Petty won his on the main track (Winston) while Kyle won his on Sprint-Nationwide and truck. Tyler. M: Kyle Busch's 100 wins is phenomenal! The guy is a great driver who deserves a little bit more respect. I'm not the biggest Kyle Busch fan, but what's not to like about this guy. Kyle is young, he's talented, he may not get the respect he deserves, but he can get it done on the race track. I Wouldn’t compare him to Guys like Petty, Earnhardt and Pearson ,but he is going to be one of the best before it's all said and done. Billy J. M : My opinion of NASCAR combining Kyle’s Truck, Nationwide, and sprint cup wins is just not fair. Kyle Bush controls both the Truck series, and the nationwide series because he is a professional and a great driver that is racing mostly against amateurs in both series. If you notice he doesn’t do quite that well against the professionals in the Sprint cup series. Jimmie Johnson owns the championship for the last 5 yrs and is 2nd in points now as we speak and only 7 points away from being in first place once again. Kyle Bush has too prove himself in the Sprint cup series with the pros before he can ever be considered one of the greatest drivers ever. Kyle Bush has not proven anything yet to even be considered in the same class as Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr or Jimmie Johnson and a lot more drivers. Lorri Angeline N (a big Dale Jr fan) : Lately officials have found several things on Kyle's car that he was penalized for, so therefore he makes me wonder if he didn't cheat himself to the 100 race wins to start with. He definitely is NO "Captain kid", and he sure isn't perfect. For instance, how can he start in 43rd position, make his way to the front, hit the wall, start from the back again a lap down, and still win the race? My question is, what does he have in his car? I would be cursing if I compared Busch to Petty or Earnhardt, that's just insane! Those guys back in the day didn't have it as easy as drivers today. They had to work extra hard to even get to the track and money didn't come as easy either. They raced to take care of their families, and to pay their bills, and there wasn’t much leftover. Their the ones who "drove like they stole it. Their life was depending on it, my point? Busch has a team, crew members, crew chief, and a spotter! His team works together all week getting his car ready, and making sure his car was safe, and complete. Unlike Petty and Earnhardt, Busch gets to the track, puts on his suit, puts on his helmet, and climbs into his car. All he has to do is drive the car! Compliments of Toyota, he ends up with an excellent chassis every week, without the car, Busch could not win! The 100th win is nothing for him to be proud of, he has ran into other cars, put them in the wall, jeopardized their lives doing so, and I truly believe if NASCAR would have thoroughly checked his car out from day one, he would have never received that honor to start with.
Love him or hate him: Kyle will be in NASCAR for many more years, making history. Its hard to deny the accomplishment of 100 wins in NASCAR‘s Top three series- especially at the age of 26. Everybody is entitled to there own opinion about Kyle and all his accomplishments. Maybe someday in the future Kyle will get 100 wins in just the sprint cup series, and prove us race fans that he is as good as petty and Pearson, we will just have to wait and see what the future will hold for Kyle. Even if he does not win up to 100 wins in just the sprint cup series by the end of his career, he will always be a great driver who accomplished a lot in NASCAR, and can win in just about any type of race car. To Kyle Rowdy Busch: Congratulations on your 100th career win in NASCAR, and making history at a young age of 26 years old.

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