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Grant Enfinger: A Young Talented Racing Professional

Talented, smart and ambitious that describes Grant Enfinger. Grant Enfinger( born January 22, 1985 in Fairhope Alabama, located in Baldwin County on the Gulf of Mexico) is an American professional race car driver. Grant earned a marketing degree from the University of South Alabama Mitchell School of Business. Grant has many accomplishments on his racing resume that he should be proud of. He has worked very hard to get where he is at in his racing career.
Grant started racing Go-Karts at the age of 11, then he progressed to Legend Cars and then Late models. Competing on short tracks in the southeastern United States, Enfinger posted the fastest lap in the 2007 Snowball Derby.
He began competing in the ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards in 2008, competing in four races during that season and continued racing in the series on a limited basis during the next two seasons. His best finish, second occurring twice in 2009 at Chicago land Speedway and Kentucky Speedway. During this period he primarily drove for a family- owned team, which merged with RAB Racing in 2010.
Grant made his NASCAR Camping World Truck Series debut in 2010, finishing 22nd. Enfinger attempted to compete in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Season- Opening event at Daytona International Speedway, but unfortunately he failed to qualify for the event. In October, he ran the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races at Talladega Super Speedway and Martinsville Speedway.
In 2011, Enfinger competed in his first full season in the ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards with Allgaier Motor Sports. He won one pole at Berlin Raceway and he finished fourth in series standings at the conclusion of the 2011 season.
In October 2011, Grant Enfinger got an amazing opportunity to move his racing career to the next level. He moved to The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, with Sinica Motor Sports, a start up team founded by Argentine Businessman George Sinica. George Sinica and Jason Miles are the team owners of Sinica Motor Sports. When I asked Grant how this opportunity came up for him to move to the Sprint Cup Series he said," I met the general manager, Jason Miles, last year before the ARCA race at Rockingham and he has been watching me since then. When this opportunity came up for Jason and George Sinica to partner up in the Cup Series they chose me and I’m thankful for the opportunity." Enfinger attempted his first Sprint Cup Series Race for the team at the 2011 Sprint Cup Series Season Finale at Homestead - Miami Speedway, but unfortunately Grant failed to qualify for the event. Grant said, "I am definitely disappointed that we missed the show at Homestead. It is definitely a big learning experience for all of us involved. We have a lot of great people at Sinica Motor Sports, but not many of us have much experience at the Cup Level so we are all learning together. We feel like we know where our weaknesses are so we can make them better over the off season." When I asked Grant what are his goals for the 2012 season and what are his goals for the future he said," My goals for the 2012 season is to make all the races that we attempt at Sinica Motor Sports and by the end of the year be competitive. My goals for the future is to help build this team into a solid legitimate effort that at the end of the day has the resources the other big teams have and can compete for wins."
I had the privilege to ask the talented Grant Enfinger a couple more questions via email and this is what he had to say:
"When I was 15 years old, I started winning a lot of legend car races all over the Country and I realized I was good at it and that is when I decided to chase my dream. Surprisingly no one in my family has raced or knew much about racing until me."
Grant said that his biggest inspiration is" The guys that have worked their way up the ladder and made most of the opportunities that they have had. Not the ones that just wrote a check."
" The hardest part of my racing career has definitely been when I was running the team myself. I did this while racing late models in Alabama and a part time ARCA Schedule for two years. Find the Sponsors, working with a very small budget, trying to keep everything going without actually having employees and then finding the time to work on the cars and get them ready. Nothing was more heartbreaking than working on the car months in advance hoping to find a sponsor to make a race and not being able to go because of funding."
"The best part of my racing career has been being able to drive for some really good people over the last couple of years. George Bragg whom I drive for in a limited schedule for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races, Mike Allgaier who blessed me with a full time ride in the ARCA Series in 2011 and now with Sinica Motor sports in 2012."
"To Physically prepare to be a race car driver, You must have a lot of stamina to make it through a long race, the heat is usually the hardest thing to prepare for. The most effective workouts for me involve 80% running with 20% weights. I try to do that with the heat on and wearing warm clothes."
"I enjoy fishing and watching college football, but the past 5 or 6 years of my life haven’t involved much free time to enjoy things outside of racing."
"I have a shop here in concord, NC where I seem to always have some sort of project going on, but the biggest part of the off-season is getting cars prepped for the next year and putting together sponsor packages."
"Pocono is probably my favorite big track because every corner is different, but I usually like all the short tracks."
"I am very competitive. Whether it’s racing or fishing or whatever the circumstance, I want to win."
"The skills that are required to become a good race car driver are ,You have to have a lot of patience, be able to think and decide what the car is doing very quickly and be able to relate it to the guys helping. You have to be able to relax and still get 100% out of the car, you can’t be on edge for a 4 hour race, it take awhile to learn how to do this. A race car driver must be able to deal with high pressure situations whether its from inside the car, media, sponsors, car owners , etc. "
" My best memory is finishing 3rd in my first race at Talladega. Talladega is where I grew up watching my heroes. I finished 3rd with our own team and with all my volunteer buddies that helped me when I was racing late models."
"What I enjoy most about racing is the competition , you aren’t just racing one other team. You are racing 40 other teams that are giving it everything they have."
" I think social media is definitely a good way to get the word out there and let people know what’s going on and lets them see more of the day to day activities in someone’s life that you normally wouldn’t get."
I truly think we will see Grant win some races in the future in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Race fans: Keep your eyes on this young racing professional in 2012 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, I truly believe the future looks bright for Grant Enfinger.
To Grant Enfinger: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions so this article could happen. Good luck with the 2012 racing season with Sinica Motor Sports in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
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(Grant and his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Car. Credit goes
to Grant and Sinica Motor Sports)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kurt Busch Loses His Temper During the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale

During Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale At Homestead, analyst Dr. Jerry Punch tried to interview Kurt Busch after the driver was forced out of the race with transmission problems.
Unfortunately Kurt Busch made several profanity- laced remarks as he waited impatiently for a live interview with Dr. Jerry Punch.
In the end, Punch decided he had enough and walked away from Busch telling his producers, "never mind, never mind”.
Moments earlier as he pulled his car into the garage, Busch was seen on his in-car camera giving someone a one-finger salute.
Kurt Busch and his Penske Racing team apologized Tuesday for Kurt's outburst in the garage Sunday at the Sprint Cup Series season finale. “I let my emotions get the better of me," Busch, 33, said in a statement in which he apologized to Penske Racing, NASCAR, fans, media, sponsors "and in particular, Dr. Jerry Punch." Busch's main sponsor is Shell-Pennzoil. Penske Racing also apologized and said Busch's actions were "inconsistent with the company's standards for behavior, respect for others and professionalism."
I had the privilege to speak with ten race fans via social networking. I asked them how they felt about Kurt Busch losing his temper during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale.
I understand he was frustrated because of the situation with his car, but taking his frustration out on the wrong people is extremely offensive. He is a role model for so many people. When are these drivers going to realize that their actions are under scrutiny and that people are always watching. I always try to remember that if I don't want my kids to do it, then I shouldn't do something, including how I speak, etc. Many children look up to these drivers and when they see them throwing temper tantrums, it makes them think they can do it because they see the drivers do it. Yes we all get mad, we all get frustrated, but this was a very unprofessional move, and it has been a pattern for Kurt lately. Maybe he has learned too much from watching his brother Kyle, but maybe the biggest lesson he should learn is that if you are willing to act like this, you better be ready to step up and take the punishment that will follow. - Tammy Auman
I think NASCAR should ban the Busch brothers from NASCAR racing all together. They are truly horrible, rude people.- Susan Bruce
He is probably "raging" his way right out of NASCAR. - John Hickson
Totally uncalled for. If anyone knows Dr. Jerry Punch, they know he is a very well respected individual. I know Kurt was highly upset, but there is NO need in treating someone like that . I hope Kurt ends up jobless and broke. - Ashley Thompson
Dr. Jerry Punch is always so professional and to be treated in this manner is just wrong.- Karen Wofford
He is a Busch enough said.- Selina Robinson Pennington
I guess he did not want his brother getting all of  the attention! 2 PEAS IN A POD, DISGUSTING! - Carolyn Bunting
First of all he is the worst NASCAR driver EVER. He is just jealous because he didn't win. Kurt only thinks about himself, there are other drivers besides him. - Katie Marie Gehret
The Busch brothers are putting a very bad name to the sport. It's time they both get fired! Apologizes are not enough, they don't mean it. - Robin Mcatee
I met Kurt Busch a few times and he is a nice, cool, funny guy. In the heat of the moment some Busch blood boils and over flows at times.- Tim Speed Kornet
Many race fans are going to have there own opinions about how Kurt Busch lost his temper during the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale. A lot of Kurt’s fans are very disappointed that he acted immature and  unprofessional when he made several profanity- laced remarks as he waited impatiently for a live interview with Dr. Jerry Punch.  Kurt has a true passion for racing and sometimes he loses his temper when things are not going right during a race weekend. I hope Kurt knows that he disappointed a lot of race fans and hopefully he will be a better person during the 2012 NASCAR Season.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The NASCAR Aerodynamic and Fuel Injection Test at Daytona International Speedway

On November 15th, seven NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams rolled into Daytona International Speedway to do some testing in an effort to evaluate and prepare aerodynamic baseline packages for the January 12-14 2012 Pre Season Thunder Test. The teams that participated in the test were Hendrick Motor Sports ( two cars with drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr and Aric Almirola); Roush Fenway Racing ( two cars with drivers David Ragan and Marcos Ambrose); Joe Gibbs Racing ( one car with driver Joey Logano); Michael Waltrip Racing (one car with driver Martin Truex Jr); and NEMCO Motor Sports ( One car with driver Joe Nemecheck).
Teams first got on the track at 11:45am. The initial restrictor plate size was 29/32 inch and the initial spoiler size was 4 ½ inches tall, 63 inches wide, which was the same spoiler size for last July’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Daytona. By day’s end, the size of the rear spoiler had been reduced to 3 inches tall by 62 inches wide. The smaller spoiler results in less down force and drag, but still allows the cars to maintain high speeds and remain under control.
“Tuesday’s test session was a positive step in finding a solution to the drafting style at Daytona. I think we’re all in agreement that we probably wont totally rid ourselves of the tandem racing.” - Dale Earnhardt Jr
"We tried several different packages and what we're trying to do is put an end to this two-car draft, or at least make it so we can only get together for a lap or two and have to switch or run in a pack."-Martin Truex Jr
Joe Nemechek, a driver/car owner, reached 203 mph without a drafting partner during Tuesday’s test session at Daytona. Nemecheck was testing with Triad Engine Development, a North Carolina- based company. They were using a 1 1/16- inch plate and a 3 inch radius spoiler.
Both Earnhardt and Truex agreed that the transition to Electronic Fuel Injection in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is right on track. The sport's premier series will implement EFI beginning at Daytona next season. "The computer guys like what they've seen so far with the EFI test and I'll tell you what, when I've tested the EFI car, it drives as well or better than the carburetor cars," said Earnhardt. "To be honest with you, if you didn't know it when you got into the car, you couldn't tell a difference," said Truex. "The only thing that's different is the way it starts. You don't have to pump the gas like a normal carburetor. You just flip the switch and crank it up like a street car.
"One of our goals is to give the teams more options when it comes to how they draft and we believe we're headed in the right direction on that. We want to be able to reduce the difference in the speeds between the tandem style of racing and more of the pack style of racing and we made a lot of good progress on that here today. The real goal is to try to formulate a package at least that we can give to the teams so they can work on coming down here in January for the Daytona 500 test."- John Darby- NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Director.
I had the privilege to speak with five race fans via social networking. I asked them how they felt about the tandem racing.
"I hate the tandem racing! I would rather see the pack racing. I go to Talladega every fall, but the last couple of years I have been more interested in going to a river to eat than watching that form of racing." - John Hickson
"I don’t like the tandem racing. I think the pack racing is a lot more exciting. It just seems with the new car design that pack racing is just not feasible, I really don't understand why." - Karen Wofford
"I do not like the tandem racing at all ! It defeats the purpose of having large tracks ! I also do not like Kyle Busch and his style of Racing ! NASCAR is not happy with the stands half full. NASCAR will continue to make the majority of the fans unhappy! Someday NASCAR will wake up just like AMERICA and do the right thing ! Lets just hope and pray its not to late for either." - Jerry Hack Bradshaw

"I do not like the tandem racing! I would rather see them run the same part of the track as the Rolex cars."- Kenneth Mazza
"Loose the rear spoiler, air dam/ splitter, and side skirts. Require 4" ground clearance. Also loose the squared off rear bumpers and run a stock shaped rear bumper cover. I think these changes would require the drivers to go slower in the turns and eliminate the tandem drafting". - Miles Turner
I believe NASCAR is doing the right thing by trying to eliminate the Tandem racing or reduce it at least. Many race fans do not enjoy watching that form of racing. NASCAR did not find a solution on how they are going to eliminate or reduce the tandem racing, but they learned a lot and they gathered a lot of information from Tuesday’s Test at Daytona. I honestly don’t think we will see tandem racing go away completely, but I believe we will at least see the tandem racing reduced a little bit in 2012.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outback Steakhouse Joins Stewart- Hass Racing

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase competitor Ryan Newman and his teammate/boss Tony Stewart both know what Steak house they will be visiting often in 2012.
Newman’s team, Stewart- Hass Racing, which campaigns Chevrolets for Newman and team co-owner Tony Stewart signed an agreement with Outback Steak house to be the primary sponsor on Newman’s No.39 for two races in 2012.
When not serving as primary, Outback will be an associate partner with placement of their logo on the B-pillar of Newman’s Chevy Impala. The steakhouse joins the U.S Army, Quicken Loans and Tornados as primary sponsors on the No.39 Sprint Cup Series Chevy Impala.
"I've always been a huge fan of Outback Steakhouse and I know why it's been voted the best steak year in and year out," said Newman, who has 15 Sprint Cup wins on his resume - including the 50th running of the Daytona 500 in 2008.
"Given their leadership and performance on and off the track, we are pleased to partner with the likes of SHR and Ryan Newman," said Jeff Smith, president of Outback.
"Outback Steakhouse and SHR share the same passion and commitment to excellence that drives us in our everyday operations," said Stewart. "Outback's reputation for quality and great service aligns nicely with our approach to being a leading performer on the track, and we're excited for all the things we can accomplish together."
"As a fan of Outback Steakhouse, I'm excited to have them on board as a new sponsor in 2012," said Ryan Newman. "They've always been a brand known for quality and excellence -- the same qualities I bring to the track."
The announcement was made during a press conference at Phoenix. Tony Stewart, two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion and co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing, joined Newman and Outback Steakhouse Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Kappitt, in the unveiling of the No. 39 Outback Steakhouse Chevrolet Impala.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Newgarden Co-Drives To Dan Wheldon Cup

One of the most unique events of the year took place on October 23rd with the running of the eighth annual RoboPong 200 Presented by Bridgestone and NOS at the New Castle Motor Sports Park. Racers battled in teams of 2 to 4 drivers for 200 laps aboard TaG powered karts. The team that took on the competitors, track, conditions, and with some luck, crossed the finish line first, and took home a $6,000 payday.
This years RoboPong 200 Presented by Bridgestone and NOS took place with a heavy heart for all racers and fans that attended. The motor sports world lost Brit driver Dan Wheldon in a crash at the IZOD IndyCar Series World Championships in Las Vegas. Since 2005, Wheldon was a competitor of the RoboPong 200 and former winner with Mark Dismore Jr.New Castle Motor sports Park honored Dan Weldon’s love of karting at the 2011 Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone and NOS. In honor on Dan Wheldon the Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone and NOS trophy will be known as the Dan Wheldon Cup and the trophy will be on display at NCMP with Dan's likeness and past winners displayed on the trophy after this year's race.

After 200 hard laps and multiple lead changes, Mark Dismore Sr. and reigning Indy Lights Champion Josef Newgarden took the win over Sam Beasley and Brandon Jones. It was an emotional day for everyone involved and all the competitors will miss going wheel to wheel with a great driver and an even better person.
Newgarden, who like so many started racing in karts, is appreciative of the example Wheldon set on and off the racetrack.

"He set a great example for a lot of young guys coming up through the ranks, wanting to be professional race car drivers," Newgarden said.
IZOD IndyCar Series driver Ed Carpenter, the 2009 race winner with engineer Nathan O'Rourke, attended Wheldon's funerel Oct. 22 in St. Petersburg, Fla., and the public memorial service at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis following the karting race.
"I think being at the racetrack is the best thing," Carpenter said.
IZOD IndyCar Series competitor Jay Howard, the 2006 Firestone Indy Lights champion and 2010 RoboPong 200 winner, also competed.
The 2011 RoboPong 200 Presented by Bridgestone and NOS Kart Race was a great way to honor “Indy Car Superstar” Dan Wheldon. R.I.P Dan Wheldon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

England Kart Race To Honor Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon, who was killed on Oct. 16 in the IZOD IndyCar Series season finale in Las Vegas, will be honored in a memorial endurance kart race on Dec. 5 at the Daytona Milton Keynes karting circuit in Milton Keynes, England.The event will be about 10 miles from Weldon’s hometown of Emberton, England -- with proceeds from ticket sales and public race entrants directed to the Wheldon family's nominated charity, the Alzheimer’s Association.
The event will see drivers joining together to remember their close friend and colleague. Between 25 and 30 teams, each including a professional driver and three members of the public, will take part in the two-hour endurance race. Four Time IZOD IndyCar Series champion Dario Franchitti and 2009 Formula One World Champion Jenson Button are among the initial list of drivers confirmed to participate in the endurance Kart race. Others scheduled to participate include sportscar driver Anthony Davidson, Le Mans winner Guy Smith and World Touring Car Championship title contender Rob Huff.
"Aside from raising funds for one of the family’s chosen charities, I wanted to bring together people who knew and raced with Dan, to have some fun in his honor and give him a sendoff he would have been proud of," said race organizer Johnny Mowlem, a sports car racer and longtime personal friend of the family.
“The event has the full support of Dan’s family.His dad and brothers will be taking part in the evening. I hope members of the public will also appreciate the opportunity to take part and remember one of Britain’s most successful and charismatic champions.”
If you would like to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of Dan Wheldon Click Here.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Danica Patrick Is Ready For The 2012 NASCAR Season

On August 25th via live video conference on NASCAR.COM, Danica ended months of Speculation after announcing her 2012 plans. Danica made it official that she will move to the NASCAR Nationwide Series full-time in 2012, and also run a partial Sprint Cup schedule for Stewart- Hass Racing. During the live conference, Danica Patrick and Go Daddy.COM founder Bob Parson signed the last document to make it official for her to race in the Nationwide Series full time. Danica will have sponsorship from Go Daddy.COM with JR Motor Sports in the Nationwide Series and Stewart-Haas Racing in the Sprint Cup Series. She will race the #7 Go Chevrolet for JR Motor Sports in the Nationwide Series full time next season.

On November 4th at Texas Motor Speedway, Danica Patrick and Stewart- Hass Racing revealed her 2012 part time Sprint Cup Schedule and what her Sprint Cup Series Car will look like. Danica Patrick will make her Sprint Cup Series debut at the 2012 Daytona 500.Patrick will race a N0.10 Sprint Cup Chevrolet, bearing the number she first used in Karting, during Daytona’s Speed weeks, where she currently will need to qualify on time. Patrick is not guaranteed a spot in the 500, though it's likely she'll be in the field. She could make the race on speed during qualifying or race her way in during the Gatorade Duel at Daytona. Stewart could also transfer his 2011 points to Patrick's entry. Stewart, who is second in the Sprint Cup points standings this season, can move his points to Patrick next season and still rely on his past champion provisional to make the 500.
"If we need to qualify, we'll qualify," Patrick said. "I have a lot of faith in the team. That's why I chose them.
"This is a really good team," she said. "Tony's running for the championship these last three races. I don't have any doubt we will be fast enough."
Patrick's other announced Cup race dates include Darlington on Mother's Day weekend, plus the late summer/fall races at Bristol, Atlanta, Chicagoland, Dover, Texas and Phoenix.
Patrick has no crew chief at this point, and Stewart said the team is looking for another driver and sponsor to give the No. 10 entry more starts.
"We're trying to find the right fit," Stewart said of the crew chief search. "It's very much a marriage. It's finding the right personalities to work together."
Patrick will test at Daytona during Preseason Thunder in January and may turn laps Nov. 15 on DIS during a one-day test for the 2012 fuel injection system.
To Danica Patrick: Good luck in the Nationwide Series full time and the Sprint Cup Series part time in 2012! All of your fans wish you the best of luck in your NASCAR career.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

The 2011 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Win Star World Casino 350k At Texas Motor Speedway Preview

On November 4th, The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series rolls into Texas Motor Speedway to start race twenty four out of twenty five on the Truck Series Season Schedule. Last season as well as in 2009, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series points leader wrapped up the championship with a race remaining on the schedule. That's not likely to happen in 2011. With 15 points covering the top four title contenders it's virtually assured the championship won't be settled until the final lap of the last race at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Nov. 18. Practice and Qualifying for the Truck Series took place Thursday, November 3rd.
The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series had two practice sessions on Thursday. Johnny Sauter, driving the #13-SafeAuto/Curb Records Chevrolet for ThorSport Racing, had the fastest lap with a top speed of 181.391 mph to lead the opening practice session for the Win Star World Casino 350k at Texas Motor Speedway. Rounding out the top ten were; #29-Parker Kligerman, #18-Kyle Busch, #88-Matt Crafton, #33-Ron Hornaday Jr., #8-Nelson Piquet Jr., #60-Cole Whitt, #2-Kevin Harvick, #21-Ty Dillon #31-James Buescher. There were 34 trucks on track for the opening session.
James Buescher, driving the #31-Exide Chevrolet for Turner Motor Sports, was quickest in the final practice session for the Win Star World Casino 350k at Texas Motor Speedway with a top speed of 180.626 mph. Rounding out the top ten were; #8-Nelson Piquet Jr., #88-Matt Crafton, #21-Ty Dillon, #3-Austin Dillon, #33-Ron Hornaday Jr., #22-Joey Coulter, #2-Kevin Harvick, #13-Johnny Sauter, #18-Kyle Busch. There were 37 trucks on track for the final session.
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying was Thursday night. James Buescher won the Keystone Light Pole for the Wind Star World Casino 350K at Texas Motor Speedway with a speed of 181.062 mph. This is his third career pole; all coming in 2011.Starting Lineup for the 13th Annual Win Star World Casino 350 k at Texas Motor Speedway: 1.) James Buescher 2.) Austin Dillon 3.)Blake Feese 4.) Kyle Busch 5.)Ricky Carmichael 6.)Justin Lofton 7.) Nelson Piquet Jr 8.) Ty Dillon 9.) Ron Hornaday Jr 10.) Kevin Harvick 11.)Matt Crafton 12.)Johnny Sauter 13.) Parker Kligerman 14.) Joey Coulter 15.) Timothy Peters 16.) David Star 17) Miguel Paludo 18.) Cole Whitt 19.)Todd Bodine 20.) Johanna Long 21.) Brendan Gaughan 22.) Johnny Chapman 23.)Jason White 24.) Max Papis 25.) BJ McLeod 26.) Ryan Sieg 27.)Clay Greenfield 28.) Rick Crawford 29.)Jake Crum 30.) Mike Garvey31.) TJ Bell 32.) Mike Harmon 33.) Ross Chastain  34.) Jack Smith 35.) Chris Jones 36.) Jennifer Jo Cobb DNQ: #65 Tim Andrews; #57 Norm Benning; #76 Derek White.

The 19-year-old RCR driver, grandson of team owner Richard Childress, will make his first start at Texas Motor Speedway and second career NCWTS start this weekend in the WinStar Casino 350k. Dillon made his first career NCWTS start at Kentucky Speedway in October. This weekend's #21 Chevrolet will adorn a new design for the WinStar World Casino 350k at Texas Motor Speedway. Dillon and Company welcome Sherwin-Williams and Cain Food Industries to the truck. Sherwin Williams joins Dillon and the #21 team this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway -- the nation's largest specialty retailer of paint, stains, coatings, wall coverings and sundry items. Also on board, Cain Food Industries, Inc. providing a local link to the Lone Star State for the #21 team this weekend. Founded by Ernie and Billie Cain and now in its third generation of family ownership, Cain takes pride in being your preferred supplier of technical baking ingredients and has more than 40 years of experience in their business.
The Big Red Tundra has taken to the track twice this season, once with Germain Racing driver Brendan Gaughan behind the wheel at Texas Motor Speedway in June, and in July with Germain Racing driver Todd Bodine steering the #5 Big Red/International Trucks Tundra for Randy Moss Motor sports at Indianapolis Raceway Park. This weekend, Texas fans are in for another Big Red weekend as Bodine will race the Big Red Tundra on Friday night. Bodine has amassed six wins at Texas Motor Speedway as part of Germain Racing's win count of seven at the Fort Worth track.
Jake Crum and Bandit will once again be joining forces for the Win Star World Casino 350, November 4th at Texas Motor Speedway. Crum will be behind the wheel of the #55 Bandit Chevrolet Silverado. Bandit will once again be the sole sponsor for Jake and Team Crum Racing, though the Tree Care Industry Association and the American Loggers Council will also be displayed on the truck. With the annual TCIA Expo taking place in Connecticut during the race and the largest, cleanest biomass power plant in Texas now up and running just a few hours from the speedway, the timing couldn't be better to help raise awareness for these two organizations.

Johanna Long and the Panhandle Motors sports team will return to NASCAR Camping World Truck Series action on Friday, November 4 in the WinStar World Casino 350K at Texas Motor Speedway. Long and the Panhandle Grading and Paving team are pleased to welcome Pegasus Helicopter Group on board at Texas Motor Speedway. The Pegasus Helicopter is a new unique helicopter design concept using pressure jet technology. The technology is so significant that it reduces demands on the pilot by dramatically reducing torque and virtually eliminating the dead man's curve. The vehicle is as easy to operate as a five-speed car. Robert Zummo, CEO Pegasus Helicopter Group says, "We are thrilled to team with Panhandle Grading and Paving and Long. This is our first teaming arrangement in NASCAR and we specifically chose Long because we believe she is on the brink of stardom. Her driving ability is astonishing for a 19 year old female and we look forward to watching her mature in the 2012 season.

American Eurocopter joins RCR as primary sponsor of the #22 Chevrolet with driver Joey coulter for this weekend. Based outside of Dallas, American Eurocopter manufactures, markets, sells, assembles, supports and provides training solutions for Eurocopter rotary-wing aircraft in the United States. Since beginning operations in 1969, it has become a leading provider of helicopters of U.S. civilian, parapublic and military markets. In his lone NCWTS appearance at Texas Motor Speedway in June 2011, Coulter finished fifth after starting second. With 201 points, Coulter leads the NCWTS Sunoco Rookie of the Year point standings, four markers ahead of Cole Whitt, who is second in the standings.
MB Motor sports and Seal Wrap will wrap up their 2011 program to support Operation Home front at Texas Motor Speedway in the Win Star World Casino 350K. Jack Smith will be making his third start at the fast 1.5 mile quad-oval in the #63 Seal Wrap / Operation Home front Ford for MB Motor sports. MB Motor sports and Seal Wrap will wrap up their 2011 program to support Operation Home front at Texas Motor Speedway in the Win Star World Casino 350K. Jack Smith will be making his third start at the fast 1.5 mile quad-oval in the #63 Seal Wrap / Operation Home front Ford for MB Motor sports. Operation Home front provides direct services to alleviate a military family's or individual's actual/complete emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. To volunteer, contact your local operation home front chapter. You can make an automatic $5 donation by texting HERO to 50555.

Kyle Busch Motor sports is thrilled to announce that 10-year-old Gabe Bridges-Aldridge from Justin, Texas was selected the winner of the "Riding Shotgun with Kyle Busch Motor sports" essay contest for Texas Motor Speedway. Bridges-Aldridge's name and picture will adorn the area above the passenger side window of the #18 Traxxas Tundra for the WinStar World Casino 350k NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race Friday, Nov. 4. Bridges-Aldridge and his family will have the opportunity to attend Friday's event compliments of Texas Motor Speedway and will get the chance to meet Busch on the starting grid prior to the race. Bridges-Aldridge, a student at Clara Love Elementary School, had his essay selected as the winner among submissions from children ages 5-12 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. "The most important thing in life is when you play your best and that's what makes a winner," Brides-Aldridge proclaimed in his essay. "I know even if we lose, we still win with him as our coach. He teaches us to never give up on the team or ourselves and I will never give up”.

Kevin Harvick Inc. co-owner Kevin Harvick is back in the saddle of the #2 Hunt Brothers Pizza Chevrolet as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series heads to the great state of Texas for the WinStar World Casino 350K. During the veteran driver's career, he has made a total of three Truck Series starts at the 1.5-mile Fort Worth track capturing one top-five and one top-10 finish. Although Harvick has yet to visit victory lane in the Truck Series at Texas, he has collected four wins in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Nelson Piquet Jr. and KHI's #8 Qualcomm/Tagg Pet Tracker Chevrolet Silverado team will make their way to the Southwest this week with the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for the WinStar World Casino 350K at Texas Motor Speedway. The Friday night race will mark the Brazilian native's third Truck Series start at the 1.5-mile track, where he has earned one top-10 finish in his Truck Series career. During his last trip to the track Piquet Jr. spent most of the evening running near the front of the pack, before being shuffled out of the top 10 during a green-white-checkered finish, leaving the young driver with a 13th-place finish. The #8 Qualcomm Chevrolet will promote the Tagg Pet Tracker which uses GPS and wireless technology to monitor a pet's location and notify its owner via email and text if he or she leaves a specified area. The Tagg system was developed by Snaptracs Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm.

This weekend at Texas Motor Speedway four-time NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion Ron Hornaday will be racing to capture his fourth win at the 1.5-mile quad oval. The Kevin Harvick Inc. driver swept the June and October races in 2008 and captured the victory back in June. In 17 starts at the track, the veteran has six top-five and 11 top-10 finishes in addition to the three wins and has led a total of 681 laps. With two races to go in the season, Hornaday sits third, 15 points out of the lead. One-Man Financial will be on board with Hornaday in Friday night’s Truck Series Race at Texas.

Buescher will pilot the #31 Exide Batteries Chevrolet Silverado on Friday evening, and will also drive the #30 ABF Chevrolet in Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series event. Not only does driver James Buescher consider Texas Motor Speedway his home track but so does Turner Motor sports team owner, Steve Turner. Turner, along with his wife Sandra, live outside of Houston, only four hours from the "Great American Speedway." In August, Texas Motor Speedway launched an incentive based reading program called "Speeding to Read," a platform which encourages children to read, at Clara Love Elementary. The program is part of NASCAR's ongoing effort in targeting the younger demographic. On Thursday morning, James Buescher will visit the winning class to congratulate them on their accomplishments and encourage them to continue reading. James Buescher and the #31 Exide Batteries team remain in one of the closest battles in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series history. The Turner Motor sports team is only 11 markers out of the championship point lead with two races remaining on the 2011 schedule.

The #32 Chevy Silverado will have a new look on track this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen will adorn the hood of Blake Feese's #32 machine. Created by former Mexican professional wrestler Cyclone Anaya, the Mexican eatery has become a staple in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas. The restaurant serves up "Fine Mex," a blend of the traditional and the modern. This will be Blake Feese's first NASCAR Truck Series start at Texas Motor Speedway.

Four-time Texas Motor Speedway winner Brendan Gaughan will pilot the #62 International Trucks/Monaco RVs Toyota this week at in the WinStar World Casino 350k at TMS. Gaughan last raced for International under the MaxxForce Engines brand in 2008. His best finish for International that season was third at Charlotte Motor Speedway, a sister track to Texas. Gaughan's crew chief in 2008 was Bryan Berry, who also leads Gaughan's efforts in the #62 Tundra at Germain Racing.

Once again the Build Your Future Campaign will join Zachry on the SS Green Light Racing #81 Toyota with driver David Starr. This week they will be joined by the Boot Campaign on Starr's hometown ride. As part of Careers in Construction week Starr will make a special appearance at the Build Your Future construction career day in Dallas on Wednesday. "It's always great to come back home to Texas to race, it's really a fun weekend when all three NASCAR Series are racing here," said Starr. "I'm really excited that we get to start the weekend with the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race under the lights on Friday night."Starr has 26 starts at the Texas Motor Speedway, the most of any track over his 14-year NCWTS career, and is currently thirteenth in the NCWTS standings with just two races remaining in 2011.
Every time you have Sprint Cup drivers in a Truck Series race, you know they have a really good shot at winning. Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick are in the field this weekend at Texas so keep an eye on them two! Austin Dillon is currently the points leader by 11 points over James Buescher, so expect to see Austin doing his best to run upfront and compete for the win so he can stay the points leader. Race Fans you do not want to miss the second to last race in the 2011 Truck Series Season. To watch the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Wind Star World Casino 350K Race at Texas Motor Speedway, you have to tune into the SPEED Channel at 8p.m ET Friday and get ready to be at the edge of your seat until the Checkered flag waves in the air!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reutimann's Racing Career Has Been Decent And In 2012 He Will Be Out At MWR

41 year old David Reutimann ( born March 2, 1970 in Zephyrhills, Florida) is the son of Buzzie Reutimann, who made one NASCAR start in 1963. Reutimann lives in Mooresville, North Carolina, with his wife Lisa and daughter Emilia (born 2001). They are members of Berea Baptist Church in Mooresville. Before he was a full-time race car driver, Reutimann worked briefly for United Parcel Service. David has many accomplishments in his racing career that he should be proud of.
He began his racing career in dirt- track modifieds and late models before moving up to the Slim Jim Pro Series in 1997. David was named the 1997 Slim Jim Pro Series Rookie of the Year. The next season, he dropped to seventh in points, but he still earned the 1998 Slim Jim Pro Series Sportsman Award.
In 2002, David made his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut at the 2002 Hardees’s 250 (Richmond). He scored his first and only Nationwide victory at the 2007 Sam’s Town 250 (Memphis).
David made his NASCAR Camping World Truck Series debut at the 2004 Florida Dodge Dealers 250 (Daytona). He scored his first and only win in the Truck Series at the 2005 Toyota Tundra 200 ( Nashville).
David made his Sprint Cup debut at the 2005 UAW- GM Quality 500 (Charlotte).In 168 Sprint Cup Series starts, all for Michael Waltrip Racing, Reutimann recorded two wins, 12 top-five, 25 top-10 finishes and won four pole awards.
Unfortunately in 2012 David will have to find a new ride in NASCAR. Michael Waltrip Racing announced today that driver David Reutimann will not return to the team for the 2012 season. Reutimann will remain with the team for the final three races of the 2011 season.

Mayfield Is Denying All Charges

Former NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield was arrested Tuesday night on drug charges. Authorities were executing a search warrant for stolen property at Mayfield's home in Catawba and found methamphetamines, according to the Catawba County Sheriff's Office.
Jeremy Mayfield’s Attorney says Mayfield had no Knowledge of the stolen items nor the Methamphetamine found on his property that lead to his arrest Tuesday.
Jeremy was Charged with one felony Count of Methamphetamine possession after police found 1.5 grams of what they believe to be methamphetamine on his property, according to a Catawba County (N.C.) Sheriff Incident report.
The Methamphetamine was found while four law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant for stolen property at Mayfield’s residence. They found approximately $100,000 in stolen property, according to a Lincoln county (N.C) Sheriff’s Office News release. The district attorney’s office will determine whether any charges are filed for possession of stolen property.
Mayfield attorney Daniel Marino issued a statement Tuesday night:
“Last evening, the Catawba County Sheriff’s Department conducted a search at the home of Jeremy Mayfield,” the statement said. “Mr. Mayfield understands that the purpose of the search was to seize allegedly stolen property and that the investigators claim to have seized methamphetamine from his home.
“Mr. Mayfield has no knowledge of either stolen property or methamphetamine being present on his property and denies the accusation that he was in possession of methamphetamine or any other illegal drug and he denies any suggestion that he knowingly received or possessed stolen property.”
Marino’s statement Tuesday indicated that Mayfield is cooperating with authorities. Mayfield's next court date on the drug charge is scheduled for Nov. 14.
Statement from NASCAR: "Having just heard and read the news about the Jeremy Mayfield incident, we will have to see how the facts play out. NASCAR's goal in its Substance Abuse program has always been to keep competitors safe and create treatment opportunities for those who need it.”
Jeremy Mayfield is currently out of jail on a $3,000 bond.
To see another article about Jeremy Mayfield Click Here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Former NASCAR Driver Had A Great Racing Career Until He Got Into Drugs

42 year old Jeremy Mayfield ( born May 27,1969) is from Owensboro, Kentucky. Mayfield began racing in his hometown of Owensboro, racing BMX bicycles. He started racing go-karts at a local short track, moving to Nashville Speedway USA at the age of 19. He soon went to work for Sadler Bros Racing as a fabricator, and became their driver winning Late Model Rookie of the Year at Kentucky Motor Speedway in 1987. In 1993, he joined the ARCA Series and was named Rookie of the Year.
Jeremy attempted the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. He has 3 starts in the Truck series with a best finish of 6th at the 2003 Hardees’s 250 for Green Light racing. His first race was the 2003 Hardees’s 200 (Charlotte). His last race was the 2006 Easy Care Vehicle Service Contracts 200 ( Atlanta). In his short Truck Series Career, he only scored 1 top 10.
Jeremy started his NASCAR Nationwide Series Career with his first race at the 1995 Good Wrench 200 ( Rockingham). His last race was the 2006 Stator Brothers 300 (California). He scored only 5 top 10’s in his Nationwide career.
Mayfield made his Cup Debut at the Mello Yello 500, starting 30th and finishing 29th in the #95 ford Thunderbird sponsored by Mac tools in 1993. Jeremy’s first win was the 1998 Pocono 500. His last Cup Race was the 2009 crown royal Presents the Russell Friedman 400( Richmond). His last win was the 2005 GFS Marketplace 400 ( Michigan) In the Cup Series, Jeremy earned at total of 5 wins, 96 top ten’s and 9 poles.
On May 9, 2009, Mayfield was suspended indefinitely as both owner and driver by NASCAR following what NASCAR said was a positive test for Methamphetamine. A federal judge weighing the respective harms and evidence lifted the suspension temporarily on July 1,2009. On July 15, 2009, it was revealed by NASCAR that Mayfield again tested positive for the second time of using Methamphetamine. He allegedly failed a random drug test on July 6. On July 24, a federal appeals court overturned the previous injunction Mayfield had been awarded, leaving him suspended from the sports again.
Former NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield was arrested Tuesday night on drug charges. According to published reports, authorities were executing a search warrant for stolen property at Mayfield's home in Catawba and found methamphetamines, according to the Catawba County Sheriff's Office. Mayfield has not been charged with possessing stolen property, though the Mooresville Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff's Office are investigating the theft of racing memorabilia, which led them to Mayfield's residence. He was released on a $3,000 bond. Jeremy is scheduled to appear in Catawba court today.
If Jeremy would of just left the drugs alone, he would most likely have been very successful in NASCAR. Unfortunately he was busted multiple times with drugs and now he has to face the consequences. It’s a shame to see a talented racer just throw everything he has worked for in his racing career away, because he wanted to do drugs. All of Jeremy's fans are hoping he can turn his life around.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quicken Loans Joins Stewart-Haas Racing

Detroit-based Quicken Loans has signed with Stewart-Haas Racing to sponsor two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart and teammate Ryan Newman in 2012.
Quicken Loans ( The Nation’s Largest online retail mortgage leader) will be the primary sponsor on Ryan Newman’s N0.39 Chevrolet for nine of the 36 Cup races in 2012. When they are not serving as a primary sponsor, they will be an associate sponsor. Quicken Loans will share space on Newman’s car during 2012 with the U.S. Army, which has sponsored Newman since Stewart-Haas Racing was formed in 2009. Additionally, Quicken Loans will be an associate sponsor on the No. 14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 Chevy of co-team owner Tony Stewart throughout 2012.
The Quicken Loans deal gives Tony breathing room on Newman's car, which has never been fully funded.The U.S. Army is the primary sponsor on a year-to-year deal. Although it will be back in 2012, the sponsorship is being reduced from 15 to 12 races. Tornadoes, a second primary sponsor, also is cutting back from the five races it had this season.
But SHR is expecting two more announcements for the No. 39 Chevrolet this season, and the Quicken signing could get the organization at close to 30 races sold for Newman.
To kick off the new partnership, Newman and the No. 39 team will carry a special paint scheme to highlight the upcoming Quicken Loans Carrier Classic during this weekend’s Sprint Cup event at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.
The Quicken Loans Carrier Classic pits the No. 1 North Carolina Tar heels against the Michigan State Spartans in an unprecedented season-opener to the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball schedule, as the game will be played on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Carl Vinson on Nov. 11, 2011 – Veterans Day. The game will be held at Naval Base Coronado in the San Diego Harbor in front of 7,000 military personnel and spectators while being televised live on ESPN at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST.
This year, Quicken Loans will improve the financial situation of nearly 150,000 American families and more than 11,000 active and retired military clients by providing assistance in purchasing or refinancing their homes.