Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kurt Busch Loses His Temper During the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale

During Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale At Homestead, analyst Dr. Jerry Punch tried to interview Kurt Busch after the driver was forced out of the race with transmission problems.
Unfortunately Kurt Busch made several profanity- laced remarks as he waited impatiently for a live interview with Dr. Jerry Punch.
In the end, Punch decided he had enough and walked away from Busch telling his producers, "never mind, never mind”.
Moments earlier as he pulled his car into the garage, Busch was seen on his in-car camera giving someone a one-finger salute.
Kurt Busch and his Penske Racing team apologized Tuesday for Kurt's outburst in the garage Sunday at the Sprint Cup Series season finale. “I let my emotions get the better of me," Busch, 33, said in a statement in which he apologized to Penske Racing, NASCAR, fans, media, sponsors "and in particular, Dr. Jerry Punch." Busch's main sponsor is Shell-Pennzoil. Penske Racing also apologized and said Busch's actions were "inconsistent with the company's standards for behavior, respect for others and professionalism."
I had the privilege to speak with ten race fans via social networking. I asked them how they felt about Kurt Busch losing his temper during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale.
I understand he was frustrated because of the situation with his car, but taking his frustration out on the wrong people is extremely offensive. He is a role model for so many people. When are these drivers going to realize that their actions are under scrutiny and that people are always watching. I always try to remember that if I don't want my kids to do it, then I shouldn't do something, including how I speak, etc. Many children look up to these drivers and when they see them throwing temper tantrums, it makes them think they can do it because they see the drivers do it. Yes we all get mad, we all get frustrated, but this was a very unprofessional move, and it has been a pattern for Kurt lately. Maybe he has learned too much from watching his brother Kyle, but maybe the biggest lesson he should learn is that if you are willing to act like this, you better be ready to step up and take the punishment that will follow. - Tammy Auman
I think NASCAR should ban the Busch brothers from NASCAR racing all together. They are truly horrible, rude people.- Susan Bruce
He is probably "raging" his way right out of NASCAR. - John Hickson
Totally uncalled for. If anyone knows Dr. Jerry Punch, they know he is a very well respected individual. I know Kurt was highly upset, but there is NO need in treating someone like that . I hope Kurt ends up jobless and broke. - Ashley Thompson
Dr. Jerry Punch is always so professional and to be treated in this manner is just wrong.- Karen Wofford
He is a Busch enough said.- Selina Robinson Pennington
I guess he did not want his brother getting all of  the attention! 2 PEAS IN A POD, DISGUSTING! - Carolyn Bunting
First of all he is the worst NASCAR driver EVER. He is just jealous because he didn't win. Kurt only thinks about himself, there are other drivers besides him. - Katie Marie Gehret
The Busch brothers are putting a very bad name to the sport. It's time they both get fired! Apologizes are not enough, they don't mean it. - Robin Mcatee
I met Kurt Busch a few times and he is a nice, cool, funny guy. In the heat of the moment some Busch blood boils and over flows at times.- Tim Speed Kornet
Many race fans are going to have there own opinions about how Kurt Busch lost his temper during the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season Finale. A lot of Kurt’s fans are very disappointed that he acted immature and  unprofessional when he made several profanity- laced remarks as he waited impatiently for a live interview with Dr. Jerry Punch.  Kurt has a true passion for racing and sometimes he loses his temper when things are not going right during a race weekend. I hope Kurt knows that he disappointed a lot of race fans and hopefully he will be a better person during the 2012 NASCAR Season.

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  1. Thee worst driver ever doesn't win the cup.....Katie Marie Gehret