Saturday, July 7, 2012

April Race Fan Of The Month Winner: Adrienne Soloman

Up To Speed With Amanda Reisinger’s April “race fan of the month” winner is Adrienne Soloman. Adrienne’s friend Tristian Cook nominated her for Up To Speed With Amanda Reisinger’s April “race fan of the month''. Tristain Cooke said,’’ The person who I am nominating for Up To Speed With Amanda Reisinger’s ''race fan of the month’’ is my good friend Adrienne Soloman. I think that she would make an excellent ''race fan of the month’’ because just like me, she is passionate about racing and her favorite drivers. She does a great job with her Dale Junior Fan Zone #88 group on Facebook. I could not think of a better candidate than Adrienne for April ''race fan of the month.’’
40-year-old Adrienne Soloman is from Brooklyn, New York. Adrienne has been a race fan since 1988. Adrienne said,’’ I became a race fan from going to the races, the excitement, the adrenaline, and the sounds of the race cars.’’ Adrienne’s whole family watches racing!
Adrienne watches NASCAR and the IZOD Indy Car Series. Adrienne said,’’ I pick my favorite drivers based on personality and the way they drive their race cars.’’ In NASCAR, Adrienne is a huge fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. She is also a fan of Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Kasey Kahne, and Ryan Newman. In the IZOD Indy Car Series, she is a fan of Dario Francitti, Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan, Ryan Briscoe, and Marco Andretti.
I had the privilege to communicate with Adrienne via email to ask her a couple more questions and she also told me a bit more about her being a huge race fan. This is what Adrienne Soloman had to say to me via email:

''A boy I was dating at the time took me to my first race at Pocono in 1988. I loved it, and I became a fan of Dale Earnhardt Senior that day. I have also been to Watkins Glen, New Hampshire, Daytona, and Dover International Speedway.’’
Adrienne said,’’ I would love to see more side by side racing and some races shorter.''

''I made a fan group on Facebook for Dale Earnhardt Junior because I wanted a place were Dale Earnhardt Junior fans could talk about Dale Earnhardt Junior without the Junior haters causing trouble. I run a drama free group.’’
The last thing that Adrienne told me is that she has turned a lot of friends and neighbors into race fans. Adrienne is a race fan for life!

To: Adrienne Soloman: Congratulations on being Up To Speed With Amanda Reisinger’s April ''race fan of the month’’ winner. I hope you enjoy the rest of the 2012 racing season!
Race fans: If you are interested in checking out Adrienne Soloman’s fan group on Facebook for Dale Earnhardt Junior, then click on the link below.!/groups/WeLoveDaleJuniorandOtherDriversToo/

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